Service scopes

Daming supplies services for material processing of steel materials, fabrication of various types of spare parts, semi-finished products, and finished product manufacture supporting services.

Material processing

Material processing business for mid- to high-end needs

Machining Process:

CTL&SL/ Grinding/ Beveling Prefabrication

Matching supply advantage:

  • In-stock materials, quality and reputation
  • Immediate response, fast delivery
  • Comprehensive capabilities, high processing precision
  • High yield, low cost
  • Personalized Service

Industries Served:

  • Automobile, elevator, home appliance, kitchen appliance
  • Food, beverage, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing
  • Petrochemical, gas, energy, bio-fermentation
  • Pipe manufacturing, construction, electronic communications

Semi-finished product production

Non-standard customized processing support

Main processing technology:

Cutting/ Bending/ Coiling/ Machining

Matching supply advantages:

  • Complete processing technology, high processing precision
  • Spot material, fast delivery
  • Experienced in non-standard processing, quickly Responding to new industries and new products

Service industry:

  • Petrochemical, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, textile machinery
  • Vacuum, electric power, shipbuilding
  • Specialized vehicles, construction machinery
Service scopes

Spare parts production

Extended expansion of the whole process of deep processing of plate materials
Service scopes
XCMG DE120 150 tons mine trucks
Matching carriages and exported to Australia
Service scopes
Ore Scrubber Tower Project
Service scopes
Large pipe plates
for the energy and chemical industries
Service scopes
Daming & DEC
Magnetic Yoke Steel Structural Parts Processing
Service scopes
Suez Bridge Project, Egypt
Core Structural Components Processing
Service scopes
COSCO Offshore Wind Installation Vessel
Fixed Pile Frame

Product Manufacturing

Vessel/tower manufacturing
Service scopes
Lianyungang Petrochemical 16 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project
Service scopes
Sheng Hong
Refining & Chemical PTA Integration Project
Service scopes
polysilicon reduction furnace
Service scopes
Wanhua Chemical 1 million tons of
polyurethane industry chain integration
Service scopes
Wanhua Chemical
Ethylene Distillation Tower
Service scopes
Siemens Energy
GNA II condenser plant

Product Manufacturing

Sheet metal products manufacturing
Service scopes
Service scopes